Sunday, August 7, 2011

Narara Island

Narara Island is 60 kms away from Jamnagar which is famous for coral watching and bird watching. It is one of the 42 island that constitutes marine national park near Jamnagar, the park was open for public in 1982 and is spawn across 163 Sq. Km.

This education camp will benefit students from std 8, Narara island is the only island connected to Jamnagar by road, hence tourist can easily reach to this place. During low tide one can walk on the coral reef and observe the coral reef life like coral conchs, crabs, octopus, sponges, prawns, starfish etc.

15 different types of land grass and many types of sea weed can also be seen.
At present a students and teachers can enjoy a night stay and education program in Narara, Teachers / Students can enrol to this program by filling form from marine national park office in Jamnagar. 

I have visited Narara Island at Feb-2010 and it was fabulous . The best season to visit this place is from Oct-March and one must reach Narara before the tides start. 

I would like to share few pics so, You might get few ideas about the place.

I will give 3.5 out of 5. Go for it ;)

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